Horsham Spiritual & Healing Centre

Clairvoyant Evening Dates

Evening of Clairvoyance at

The Normand​y Centre, Denne Road, Horsham.

We invite some wonderful Mediums to come and join us in an Evening of Clairvoyance, to give messages from the spirit world. The clairvoyance starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9pm, after which we have a charity raffle, then comes the teas, coffees and biscuits and a natter if you can stay. We also have Healing if anyone wants to stay behind, we have some wonderful Healers.

We would like to thank all of you who have given your support to our Centre.

Dates & Mediums for 2020

Tuesday 28th January – Sianne Jones

Tuesday 25th February – Stephen Goldsack

Tuesday 24th March – Dorothy Young

Tuesday 28th April – Iain Mason

Tuesday 26th May – Keely Willis

Tuesday 30th June – Paul Broadway

Tuesday 28th July – Tricia Bamsey

Tuesday 25th August – Paul Johnston

Tuesday 22nd September – Sarah Wawman & Sarah McLauchlan

Tuesday 27th October – Cy Coombs & Guest

Tuesday 24th November – Children In Need Special Charity Night (all profits going to the Charity) - Ashley Robinson

Tuesday 17th December – Our Christmas Special with Jo Ellis & Valerie Kirkham (where we have our usual Buffet and Christmas raffle).